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A hawk flies in circles piercing the deep, infinite blue skies. From its wings, sonic waves travel across the Texas Hill Country to deliver me a message: “come back.” The sender is a radiant pecan tree that enveloped me in reflection two autumns ago. Back then, I checked in at the rustic Montesino Ranch in Wimberley to soak in the vibrancy of nature and plow the mind for a greater openness of spirit. I felt an intense connection to the rugged bark of that tree, a presence of wisdom and endurance in its roughness. Its trunk is wide and tall, so confident, so grounded. Its branches spread high and wide creating shade and shelter for the earth around it, but also space for sunrays to softly beam through the leaves (like when our hearts request safety but leave room for openings). One year after its pecan nuts crackled over my roof, nature language translated to “thoughts can also bear fruit,” I hatched one of the most transformational seasons of my life, finding clarity to embark on a ca