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I'm on a career break to fulfill dreams and accelerate my spiritual shapeshifting into alignment with my true self. My true self is brave, creative, sensitive, loving, compassionate. It’s free, self-expressed, empowered and empowering. My true self lives in the world of abundance where miracles happen, not in the world of scarcity, fear, restlessness and confusion of the monkey mind . After traveling throughout Europe for four months, I felt I had reached a tipping point in my trajectory to live my truth. I was moving through my days with newfound lightness, drinking from the refreshing springs of intuition and creativity, plugged to a state of blissful flow. There was no absence of challenges, but there was a new way of managing them. I was reintroduced to the strength of feminine energy where there is space for rest, play, spontaneity, reflection and connection, both with self and others. A to-do list and old habits sabotaged my progress. My career break was planned with a few th

When Anxiety walks through the door

This year I left my corporate job and visited 12 countries in four months , fulfilling a dream to travel and wander without time constraints. As I work on my resumé and ignite preparations to return to the workplace, an unwelcome guest re-activates her loyalty card and rushes through my front door. Anxiety knows I’m an excellent hostess: just this week I fed her pizza twice for dinner, mounds of milk chocolate and generous pours of wine. She hates healthy foods and loves when I start to round up around my face and belly. Anxiety has wonderful listening skills and delights in my monologues filled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome rumination. One of her favorite activities is to cozy up with me in bed, hugging me tightly with her arms chiseled in misery, snoring out loudly with her fang filled mouth. She thrives when I wake up in a total fog at 4:30 a.m. unable to return to sleep, for when I can’t think clearly, she’s allowed to stick around longer. After two weeks commanding my body