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A hawk flies in circles piercing the deep, infinite blue skies. From its wings, sonic waves travel across the Texas Hill Country to deliver me a message: “come back.” The sender is a radiant pecan tree that enveloped me in reflection two autumns ago. Back then, I checked in at the rustic Montesino Ranch in Wimberley to soak in the vibrancy of nature and plow the mind for a greater openness of spirit. I felt an intense connection to the rugged bark of that tree, a presence of wisdom and endurance in its roughness. Its trunk is wide and tall, so confident, so grounded. Its branches spread high and wide creating shade and shelter for the earth around it, but also space for sunrays to softly beam through the leaves (like when our hearts request safety but leave room for openings). One year after its pecan nuts crackled over my roof, nature language translated to “thoughts can also bear fruit,” I hatched one of the most transformational seasons of my life, finding clarity to embark on a ca


I'm on a career break to fulfill dreams and accelerate my spiritual shapeshifting into alignment with my true self. My true self is brave, creative, sensitive, loving, compassionate. It’s free, self-expressed, empowered and empowering. My true self lives in the world of abundance where miracles happen, not in the world of scarcity, fear, restlessness and confusion of the monkey mind . After traveling throughout Europe for four months, I felt I had reached a tipping point in my trajectory to live my truth. I was moving through my days with newfound lightness, drinking from the refreshing springs of intuition and creativity, plugged to a state of blissful flow. There was no absence of challenges, but there was a new way of managing them. I was reintroduced to the strength of feminine energy where there is space for rest, play, spontaneity, reflection and connection, both with self and others. A to-do list and old habits sabotaged my progress. My career break was planned with a few th

When Anxiety walks through the door

This year I left my corporate job and visited 12 countries in four months , fulfilling a dream to travel and wander without time constraints. As I work on my resumé and ignite preparations to return to the workplace, an unwelcome guest re-activates her loyalty card and rushes through my front door. Anxiety knows I’m an excellent hostess: just this week I fed her pizza twice for dinner, mounds of milk chocolate and generous pours of wine. She hates healthy foods and loves when I start to round up around my face and belly. Anxiety has wonderful listening skills and delights in my monologues filled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome rumination. One of her favorite activities is to cozy up with me in bed, hugging me tightly with her arms chiseled in misery, snoring out loudly with her fang filled mouth. She thrives when I wake up in a total fog at 4:30 a.m. unable to return to sleep, for when I can’t think clearly, she’s allowed to stick around longer. After two weeks commanding my body

The return

  Sailing in the Tagus river, Lisbon, Portugal As my return flight from Lisbon to the US took off leaving behind those beautiful red roofs mixed with clouds, it felt as if I had blinked my eyes and three months in Europe had elapsed like a dream. 13 weeks were an eternity. 13 weeks flew by as fast as feathers resting on a windy day. That chapter in my life was now already written, memories still raw, a multilayered sensorial journey packaged for storytelling, but there was so much processing to do. I had just lived one of the most remarkable moments of my life, one where I had given myself the gift of self-love by taking a career break to fulfill a childhood dream to travel for months at a time. I had intentionally created every part of my days in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Malta, choosing destinations on the fly, guided by my soul compass and eventually by the weather. Those experiences were now forever etched under my skin, accessible within the switc

When boredom becomes a travel companion

Basilica of St. Michael, Bordeaux, France, built between the end of 14th century and the 16th century The thing with dreams for those with hyperactive minds like mine is that once they become reality the brain will likely wrestle with the blooming of sameness. Halfway through my trip, around day 35, I felt a mash up of boredom and melancholy building up in my chest. It made absolutely no sense. I was now in France, for heaven's sake! I was living THE life, one stunning location after another, each new meal more exquisite than the last, each ancient wall filled with cracks and gargoyles that sparked my wildest medieval fairy tale fantasies. The freedom to choose where to go, what to do, who to talk to, when to sleep and wake up. For the past five weeks my decisions evolved around whether I would pour myself a glass of red, white, rosé or sparkling; whether I'd see the flow of life at a charming café or relax in solitude in my rental to the tunes of newly found local music. So wh

Las Fallas

As soon as I got off the plane from Porto and landed in Valencia, the mind fog from waking up at 4am to catch my flight was gone. I was at ease in my new surroundings and ditched the taxi ride for the subway. The energy was different from Portugal, an extra hint of palpable liveliness in the air, or perhaps just my brain associating this part of the world with fire, passion and saffron. People spoke something that sounded both familiar and completely brand new, and that’s how I learned that Valencians speak Valencian, a dialect of Catalan. I got off at the Xàtiva station and in a literal bang the city flourished in front of my eyes: there was music coming from all corners, churro stands, hordes of people and nonstop thundering sounds of fireworks. The imposing Plaça de Bous, the bullring built in 1850 in the molds of the Roman Colosseum, stood fierce across the street. I was in Spain alright and had arrived for the five main days of Las Fallas, a massive festival dating back to centuri

I spun the globe and am taking off | Career Break Series

   Studying, dreaming, vision boarding with my little sister in the 1980s (I'm on the left) I vividly remember the turquoise-colored table globe spinning, my sister and I hovering our tiny skinny fingers over it until the rotation stopped and they landed on a country. I loved learning their names, but most of all, I loved to imagine myself exploring those faraway lands, so exotic, so unreachable. We would then grab scissors, glue, a stack of mom’s fashion magazines and meticulously look for models with outfits that represented the countries of our spin the globe game. Once we found the perfect ensemble, we would bond the images to a notebook and with colorful cursive letters write the location and occasion. In my imaginary “Summer afternoon in Valencia, Spain” I was a gorgeous lady wearing a beautifully embroidered white skirt, a matching top and a straw hat. In real life I was seven, eight years old. I didn’t know back then that this game was a vision board for what would occur al

Pilot Light

Sunday morning. For the first time, I see the obvious in its nomenclature: the Sun made a theatrical entrance in my Day, beaming a torch of white celestial light in my living room. The fire burning in the fireplace moves to my core, or perhaps it’s been there all along, the pilot light, the vital force of all that there was and all that there will be. My chimney needs fuel. Ravel’s Boléro descends to my calling. Play. Now. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue I must. Frida Khalo’s diary is a given: “Nada más vale que la risa. Es fuerza reír y abandonarse. Ser ligero” (“Nothing is better than laughter. It is strength to laugh and abandon oneself. Be light.”), says the woman with the most magnificent furnace since the Inquisition burned all of us witches. It feels criminal to dive into those pages filled with intimacy, bursts of ire and love, blazes of heaven and hell. Forgive me, muse, for my transgressions, but I too burn with desires, my inner exposé landing in cyclical patterns, like comet